Saturday, May 30, 2009

I didn't plan on this...

I didn't start out thinking that when I finally started blogging that it would be about the personal and the political in my life. I thought that I'd probably have a blog related to dogs and dog training, or to spinning and knitting along with many other folks on Ravelry .

But a number of things that have happened over the past few month have left me thinking that in spite of my fears and my love of privacy that I should go ahead and blog about things that I find to be important.

In March I was at a soccer game as part of traveling support for TFC and someone had brought an alt weekly paper down from Toronto (there will be a full blog entry about this later) and in the back was Dan Savage's column - "Savage Love". I was reading the column while waiting for the game to start. Reading it reminded me that I was familiar with some of Dan's work/appearances and knew that he was a person whose point of view I had liked and enjoyed in the past.

After the game I checked on my Kindle to see what titles by Dan were available. I found that three were available in electronic format and I ordered them that moment and began reading "The Kid" on the way back home (obviously I wasn't the one driving).

Rediscovering Dan and discovering his writings and other contributions has turned out to be quite a godsend.

Shortly after returning home, Tuktoyaktuk (Tuk for short) - 14 year old Siberian husky who has been fighting cancer for more than two years - took a turn for the worse. During the days and weeks that followed, as I liquefied baby food and medicine so that he could take it via oral syringe, I was encouraged, inspired, and strengthened by reading Dan's accounts of how he and Terry adopted and prepared for the homecoming of their son.

Tuk started to recover from that particular downswing, and I continued to read Dan's other books, as well as his columns and start listening to his podcasts.

It was only a short time later that I started reading The Stranger online and began reading Slog on a daily basis (and contributing there as well).

So, I guess that this is a way of giving fair warning that many of my posts will probably reference Slog, Dan Savage, the GLBTQQ community's struggle for equality, as well as music, literature, movies, and of course dogs and maybe even some of the fiber arts.

Bear in mind that this site is under construction - and can, I hope, only get better.

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